Swiss born artist Rochus Braun creates primarily sculptures and installations. He uses photography as documentation of his work and in its own right to research the outcome of a scale change.

On its most basic level, his work is an attempt to transform ordinary matter into a matter with a renewed significance. The idea and the material are the two driving forces of his practise, which sits at the moment in the realm of sculpture and installation.

Through his art he wants to find a way to communicate with the audience outside of the verbal language. A quick smile, a nodding, a head shaking or the enrichment of a new perspective of a subject matter is his aim.



2012 - 2016        Bachelor in Fine Art at Newcastle University, England

2010 - 2012        Project Tonhallestrasse 11, Wil, Switzerland

1993 - 2010        Developing the business to a leading floral - event company in

                            Switzerland. Opening several flower shops in Switzerland with the

                            flagship store in Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich

1992                    Higher education at the floral design academy in Vienna, Austria

1986                    Teacher for floral design in a training college in St. Gallen, Switzerland

1984                    Succession of established family nurseries and flower business nurseries

                             in Wil, Switzerland

1983                    Higher education in horticulture in Koppingen, Switzerland

1982                    Building up a floral design school in Edmonton, Canada

1979                    Apprenticeship as a floral designer

1976                    Apprenticeship as a gardener





2016                      DEGREE SHOW - Newcastle University, England

2015                      OPEN STUDIOS -  Newcastle University, England

2015                       NOSTALGIA FOR LIGHT - The Holy Biscuit, Newcastle, England

                                Collaboration with Alice Craigie. Together we created a light sensitive

                                sculpture in response to UNESCO's international year of light

2015                       BOXES - Long Gallery, Newcastle University, England

                                Collaboration with Lucien Anderson and John Cornbill

2014                       OPEN STUDIOS -  Newcastle University, England

2013                       CORPORART - Bamburgh House, Newcastle, England

2013                       CITLAB - Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts Archive, Newcastle, GB

                                Collaborative performance and addition to the Baltic Archive

2013                       OPEN STUDIOS -  Newcastle University, England

2002                       WILDWECHSEL - Ohm 41, Inside - Outside, Wil, Switzerland